Dr. Chris Wholley - Club Director
BDSc (WA), ClinDipDent (Melb), MDSc (Melb), FRACDS

I was drawn to the Seattle Study Club network by its reputation for providing worthwhile continuing education experiences resulting in comprehensive dental care.

The Seattle Study Club model of peer-based, ongoing learning provides a unique forum for dentists and specialists to enhance their understanding of techniques and technologies, and to improve their ability to treatment plan and treat complex cases in an interdisciplinary setting.

In establishing the Perth Seattle Study Club, this collaborative educational model is now available to practitioners in Western Australia.

Mark Walters – Committee Member
BSc (Hons), MSc (UWA)

Mark is a senior research scientist with the Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital for children. He has been instrumental in establishing a computer-assisted surgical planning facility and developing facial analysis tools applicable to 3-dimensional facial scanning. He has a background in human and veterinary anatomy with specific research interests in functional cranio-dental-facial anatomy and bone biology.

Currently primary research effort is being directed in establishing the Western Australian Face-Space Statistic, for which a sample of healthy young Western Australians have had their faces scanned with a 3D stereophotogrammetry system. These scans contribute to statistical dataset quantifying population shape variances and modes of facial symmetry. This is made possible with the application of engineered geometric morphometric techniques that are being applied in a spatially dense manner. As a proponent of the ‘new anthropometrics’ Mark has assembled a dynamic group of clinical consultants, postgraduate science students and computer engineers developing objective screening, diagnostics, treatment planning and treatment outcome assessment tools.

In his limited spare time, Mark enjoys sailing and maintaining his timber yacht.

Stuart J. Peden – Committee Member
Grad. Cert. Computer & Network Security (ECU - SCIS), MCP, ACE, SAGE-AU

Stuart has been involved with computers for more than 30 years, starting at Scotch College in the 70s, where the first mainframe link to UWA was established. He was part of a class that created small programs in Basic and Miniwaft.
He has had direct involvement in the IT and publishing industries (Apple Macintosh and PC) in both Australia and the United Kingdom for the past 20 years, during which time, he has worked for a variety of international and domestic corporate enterprises.

During the past six years, Stuart has been involved with medical verticals and is au fait with the principles of database driven practice software.  Additional to this, he has a deep understanding of the workings of application development, social media and a passion for security. Stuart also owns and runs a variety of web based and IT businesses.

With his broad base of knowledge in ICT, businesses and social media, Stuart’s deep understanding of the methodologies, processes and practices involved enables him to assist his colleagues and clients to make informed, progressive and mature decisions to move their businesses forward.

In his spare time, Stuart loves reading, cooking and playing guitar and also participates in sports such as running, cycling and gym.